8 Steps to Excel at Web Site Promotion

It’s your job to promote your website in every way possible. But what are the most perfect ideas? Here are 8 steps to excel at website promotion:

1. Place your URL in everything that you can print. This includes receipts, invoices, ads in newspapers, and letterheads, among others. It’s a good way to introduce your website to traditional customers.

2. Enrich your domain name with keywords. If you can’t come up with a very catchy one for your site, then at least get at least one keyword as part of it. It will increase your chances of becoming visible in search engines.

3. Hire a keyword consultant. Keywords play a big role in search engines. You can rely on the expertise of keyword consultants to help you out.

4. Attach a signature. Numerous e-mail programs can actually allow you to include a signature file. You can include a link to your website every time you contact your chosen target market.

5. Make sure your website works. Ensure that all links are working properly and that photos are easy to download. Forms too should be secured. This will compel your visitors to come back again in the future.

6. Add your Web address in your freebies. You can come up with promotional items such as shirts or stickers, where you can showcase your URL. It will become your mobile offline advertisement.

7. Scribble press releases. Press releases give you the freedom to pitch in your products and services and include contact details for your business. You can then add your own URL even at the last part of your copy.

8. Place the address on your product catalog. If you’re sending product catalogs to your target customers, make sure that you can include your URL to it. You can even encourage them to check the site out for any product updates.

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